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Why going a template is bad for you.

You heard much about templates for WordPress websites. They are cheap, already made, a few clicks and you are done.

Now let me explain how this works if you are a non-tech-savvy WordPress user.

white-table and chair in white room

Assume you are going to buy a table for your kitchen or office.
Let’s go to a mass retailer like IKEA to get the cheapest price for the table.

Now imagine that you got your table but you have no idea how to assemble it without instructions.

Ok. There is an instruction and you should follow it to get your table. You can’t change parts, you can’t add your ideas to it and you can’t get rid of something. But you still can get a table!

Let’s buy another template table, you are not satisfied with the first one.
A new table can be customized with different options. You can mix all the options in any order. Now the problem is that your table parts will cover all your office, but you need just a table.

Using a template will be the same.

You can get your website to look like the template preview only if you will follow the exact layout as you see in the template. Same parts, the same amount of words in paragraphs and you will need to create your images in the same size as their place holders, etc…

Or you can buy a very popular template with many options, where you can use Drag & Drop builders like Elementor, Visual Composer, WP Bakery… And your website load speed will gone as low as possible and there is nothing to do with it. Because your website weight includes all these “options”.

You will need to promote your website after Website Design & Development. So you may hire an SEO specialist or doing this yourself. And you will get that your website load speed is a major factor to get better ranks in Google.

Tempaltes can be good a quick and temporal solution. When you need website in 3 days. If you need a website that will work for you – create a custom website tailored to your needs.



Photo by Moose